Flood Control System Installation La Grange, IL

To help prevent flood damage from hitting your home, dial (708) 246-3658 !  Done-Rite Plumbing can help protect your home or office with a new state of the art flood control system.  Since we never know when nature will strike, our goal is to get your protected to weather the next storm.

Flooding happens when you least expect it and can cause serious damage in your property from water damage and also from sewer back-up.  Waste from sewer back up enters into the basement resulting from flooding caused by a broken sump pump, problems with the sewer line, or a sump pit not able to handle the flow.

When natural disaster strikes, you could also experience severe and damaging flooding from city sewer lines back up. This back up can be extremely damaging and toxic.  Not having proper insurance, or a flood control system in place can wreak havoc in your home or office resulting in damage to personal property, furniture, computer equipment and even infect your home or office with toxic sewage. That is why it is important to have a professionally installed flood control system From Done-Rite.

Done-Rite Plumbing has been installing quality flood control systems for decades and offers a variety of protection mechanisms to fit your budget. Flooding is something most people don’t think until it’s too late.  There is a lot to be said about the old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to flood control systems.

Types of Flood Control Systems

There are a number of ways to prevent flooding in a home or commercial building. Due to different property types and various elevations, some flood control systems may be more suitable to provide optimum protection. When you call the plumbers at Done_Rite, our skilled technicians will evaluate the potential risks and identify a flood control system ideal for your unique situation.

  • Basic Flood Protection – Having a reliable sump pump is the first defense the Done-Rite team may recommend to provide you the first level of protection to prevent basement flooding. A sump pump will redirect water on the ground away from you location. One of the most common causes of flooding stems from a power outage or faulty back up causing the sump pump to fail.  That is why it is important to have a proficient backup system in place to help prevent this type of flooding.
  • Second Level of Flooding Defense – A flood control uses heavy duty pumps with multiple check valves which allow water to exit your home to the nearest sewer line while blocking excess water or sewage from entering your home. These flood control systems use unique pipe-guards that restricts water is flow, preventing it from entering and only allowing for exit from your property in the opposite direction. This will provide sufficient protection from the toughest rains.
  • Damaged Sewer Line Repair – Typically the roots from tress in in older homes, wrap around sewer pipes causing a break in the pipe.  These breaks can cause a variety of problems including flooding and allowing toxins from the sewers to enter your home. Toxins can be in the air or result from infected waters.  Done-Rite uses trenchless sewer repair to reline damaged sewer pipes using an epoxy resin to reline corrupted pipes.  This is an excellent way to avoid having to remove costly landscaping, wooden decks, or other concrete, like pools or driveways.

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